Company Profile

Southern Cross Lumber Produces a large range of products to specifically meet the demands of Furniture manufacturers,Mouldings,Trellis,Joinery and general companies in the building industry.

About Southern Cross Lumber

Our success is not a matter of luck. We have combined hard work and high quality to build a world ranking company. New Zealand is a great place to grow trees and produce timber. The climate is mild, we get plenty of sun, plenty of rain and we enjoy long growing seasons that are uninterrupted by cold winters. At Southern Cross Lumber we have grown by building a reputation for supplying consistently high quality product. Our customers know and trust our integrity when it comes to doing business and so we enjoy a great deal of customer loyalty.


From our base in New Zealand we are able to supply customers throughout the world. We have a dedicated team of professionals whose role in life is to help satisfy your needs. We are driven by a passion to supply quality product to all our customers.

Our dedicated staff are able to help and advise you on every aspect of our product and shipping it globally. Please call or email for more information.


Company Staff