Forests, Facilities and Shipping

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. We have high mountains, clean water, clear fresh air, consistent rainfall, in fact the perfect conditions to grow magnificent trees. But don't let the beauty fool you, our forestry industry leads the world in tree husbandry, harvesting methods, processing plant and effective world wide delivery. Southern Cross Lumber is a professionally managed business that competes on a world stage and supplies only the highest quality of product.


The North Island of New Zealand offers a mild temperate climate that gives ideal growing conditions for our trees. Managed by professional foresters who know the right way to manage forests for optimum growth, the trees on average are felled at 30 years. As they have been managed throughout the growing process the felled trees are now free and easy to process. We select only the highest grades of felled trees to be processed to create our quality product range.



To achieve consistency of quality and supply our processing facilities are amongst the best New Zealand has to offer. By controlling the process every step of the way from the arrival of fresh cut longs through to shipping as high quality timber products we guarantee your satisfaction. We are so proud of our facilities that we encourage and welcome customers to visit us in New Zealand and see for yourself that our service and products are second to none.



All our timber is packaged and shipped within containers that ensure that the moisture content and quality of the product remain at optimum levels. All wood is inspected manually whilst shipping and in this way we retain quality.

Banded together to prevent movement and damage during transit, you can be assured that every piece of lumber you receive will be usable. No mess, no fuss, no waste.

New Zealand's ports are in operation 365 days per year and we have constant shipments being exported to the USA, Asia and Europe. As a global business we understand the process of shipping around the world. For this reason we offer a complete service. We are able to offer a 'to your door' service that removes the need to do any of the paperwork yourself, we do it all. If you wish to arrange your own shipping we are more than pleased to help you. If you would like to discuss our products or any other needs you may have please call or email us.